GDC is next week, and while there will be a slew of new games shown off, there will also be some interesting tech and software to take in including Microsoft’s DirectX 12. Sony is going to be the company to watch though as the net is bubbling with reports that Sony will show off its VR headset at GDC 2014.

The Oculus Rift has been one of the most talked about devices in recent memory, but they aren’t the only company with a VR setup in the works. Everyone knows Sony has been working on a VR headset for quite some time, and now we’re hearing the prototypes are already trickling out to developers.

As you’d expect, little is known about the mysterious headset, but it’s being said that it’s “far superior” to the “first” Oculus. While impressive, the Oculus has made several improvements since they first landed on the scene so it remains to be seen which device is further along when it comes to seeing a primetime release. The report from Edge-online goes on to say that there’s not a lot of software yet, but that Sony is expected to show off a demo (at least) from one of their first-party studios.

Sony is set to have a “Driving the Future of Innovation” presentation at GDC next Tuesday, and showing off a VR headset would certainly fit that bill. Stay tuned, as we expect to hear more about Sony’s VR plans next week at GDC 2014.

Source: Edge-Online