Google likes buying companies. It’s nothing new, but it is interesting to see what they do with their new acquisitions. A few days ago they added another company to their portfolio and while the details of the sale are light, it’s of interest to gamers as the company they picked up is Green Throttle Games.

Green Throttle Games may not be a familiar name to some, but they put out a Bluetooth controller for Android a while back that would let you run a virtual console of sorts via an Android app. The new broke on Pando Daily whose sources say that the “parts and labor” team at Green Throttle Games would work on developing a Google TV device.

While we’re just speculating at this point, Google has already tried its hand with a regular set-top box before (remember Google TV?) and things didn’t go well. Amazon is said to be working on a device of some sort, and we can only assume that the purchase of a “gaming” company of sorts will result in an Android console… not a set-top TV box for Netflix and Google Movies.

It remains to be seen what Google will do with the company and its assets, but we can only hope they have visions of a Nexus gaming console dancing in their heads and not an Apple TV like device. There are plenty of set-top boxes that let you stream content, but nobody’s managed to put out a successful mobile gaming console yet.

Source: PandoDaily via – Venturebeat