Game Developerz let’s you ‘play’ the industry. The game has been receiving great responses of some of the industry’s big players, such as: “Fun art style and a ton of great gags that capture the sheer insanity of game development.” (Ian Frazier, Lead Designer at Bioware Montreal) And: “This is a fantastic game that will ruin friendships, in the best possible way! :D” (Nerd Junkies)

How do you reach that point where you think, let’s mock my home turf? ‘It all started one gloomy night last year.. It might sounds funny but it’s real’, writes Marco Tonetti, the creator of Game Developerz in a recent blog post: The concept of the game popped into my mind the night of April 20th 2013 at 2.00AM. I was lying in bed waiting to fall asleep. It was actually a sad period for me; work was not so great and I felt that being an employee was not what I wanted to do with my life, so I was blaming myself .
However, that was probably my lucky day. Snap, suddenly, a game idea completely wiped away any sad thoughts and shined all around the dark room I was in. I immediately grabbed my phone and recorded my thoughts as fast as I could.

What is the game about? Game Developerz is basically the perfect mix for those in love with video games and boardgames. The game is set in the computer game development world and is a ‘funny kidding’ of all the dynamics and people in a gaming studio as well as all the actors of the games industry in general. The theme is very cool, and the game is based on real game development stories and dynamics.
Up to now a prototype of the game has been introduced to just a few important people from the game industry. They wanted to help and give a feedback, and they all ended up being very excited about the game! We believe there’s not such game on the market yet.

If you’re concerned about your capability to create a great game – not to worry, you can buy some ‘journalist’s loyalty’ in this game. Have a look at the campaign video below.

Who’s on the team? Game Developerz is a project by Onion Squire, London. We’re a brand new start-up founded by a group of passionate gamers and professionals from the games industry. The core Team is made of two Designers and one Artist, they all deeply knew the games industry as one of them also worked on the original mod of “DotA All-Stars”. They started working on Game Developerz in May 2013. During the year many professionals and veterans from the game industry helped Onion Squire developing the game, like their texts supervisor who used to work for Westwood Studios.

Why campaign on a crowd funding platform? We started following Kickstarter and every crowdfunding platform out there since the very early Kickstarter’s days back in 2009. These days, if you have a dream, and you want to be able to start your own business, you can’t really do it without investors. Unless you are from a rich family, but that’s a different story.
Business Angels are usually very reluctant to invest in you, unless you have an history of successful business stories. Crowd funding allows you to show them you are worth investing in, and also allows you to get in touch with your investors, all around the world. Crowd funding also allows you to Live Your Dream, and if you are a worthy guy, it could help you to start up properly.
On top of everything else… It gives you the chance to hope, and that’s a wonderful thing!


Want to share anything with us – not written in your project page? Every day an important person from the games industry backs our project and offers to help spreading the world, tweeting and posting on facebook. Our latest VIP supporter is Ken Levine, Creative Director and Co-Founder at Irrational Games, the guys behind Bioshock! The world wants to know this project exists, let’s tell them together!

At the time of writing the Game Developerz Kickstarter already collected more than 200% of the budget: with 498 backers pledging for  £16,359 and an original £8,000 goal – deadline: April 5, 2014.