The demo of MMO Steel Waves is 12 weeks in the making and described as rather ‘pre-alpha’ – whilst showing just one of the battleships the game offers – it looks so real it’s imaginable the naval army could use it for practising combat.

Steel Waves is a game designed by three British University graduates who may have little experience in the industry – their passion for games had them ‘throw caution to the wind’ and try to make the games the community would like to see made.

They’re now running a studio, start-up ‘Game Tonic Interactive’, that prides itself on making sure that a games development is influenced by its community. As Phil Ward, Founder/Director of Game Tonic Interactive Limited tells us “Its true that community on is fairly small at the moment but what we want to do is create a game from feedback, suggestions and testing with people so we know for sure that we’re making a game that people want to play, rather than just pumping something out without knowing.” They even call it a ‘a community-driven studio’.

Kickstarter is a good place to start garnering interest and feedback and Phil Ward invites everyone to get in touch. For example, on the type of gameplay. They’d love to add Escort Missions, Dreadnought Takedown and Submarine Zombies to the game. But also all customization options, and they have many in mind, from ship construction, to decoration, to emblems. As they put it: ‘It’s not enough to be able to choose how you blow up your enemies, you have to do it in style!’

Steel Waves is to be a lobby-based multiplayer game (16 v 16 combat) where players can ‘join public servers, and cruise alongside players across the internet, or private servers and have a quiet jaunt with friends’.

Have a look at how they explain it.

According to Ward there isn’t a game like Steel Waves out there. There are similar games (past and present) but Steel Waves can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. ‘It also digresses from some of the modern gaming practices and requires some skill to play it effectively’.

The Steel Waves kickstarter has 54 backers pledging £1,251 and a £10,000 goal – at the time of writing. Deadline: March 27, 2014.