Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Whenever a popular show like Adventure Time gets a game, some fans get excited while others cringe at the prospect. Enter Card Wars – Adventure Time, the latest mobile game from the series and a game that seemingly has fans a bit divided. As massive fans ourselves, it was our duty to give it a go and now we’re back with our Card Wars – Adventure Time review.cardwars

Remember watching the episode of Adventure Time where Jake and Finn played that cool looking trading card game? That’s the basis for Card Wars – Adventure Time and it’s a dead ringer for the game they played on the show which is incredibly awesome.adventuretime

You’ll go up against all sorts of folks from the show in turn-based card battles to find out who the “cool guy” is, and there’s a whole lot of flooping going on. If you’ve played any CCG you’ll have no problem picking up on Card Wars – Adventure Time although there are a few interesting elements that really set it apart from the crowd.card.warsadventure.time

For starters, you use lanes and your creatures can only be used in the correct lane. The game uses spells, but it also makes use of building cards that allow you to erect a structure that can boost the creature in that lane. There’s also an attack/defend spinner you’ll use to dish out damage or defend yourself, and the game can be over in an instant if you end up with a high-powered foe at the opposite end of your open lane.

There are a ton of creature cards, spells, and buildings in Card Wars – Adventure Time and you can use some of your cards to craft new ones. There’s no multiplayer aspect to the game unfortunately so you can trade cards or battle against your buddies, but you can sell them if your deck starts to get crowded. Needless to say, there are plenty of cards and you can setup several different decks for use in battle.adventure.time.cardwars

As you’d expect, some cards are more powerful than others, and you can obtain them through chests obtained in fights, by crafting or via gems which are the games form of premium currency. As cool as the game is, the gem issue combined with an energy gauge does put a damper on things. Yeah, it’s something we’re used to in freemium games, but Card Wars – Adventure Time is far from free.


Card Wars – Adventure Time has a lot going for it, and it’s “the” game fans have wanted to see for the most part. The big issue is with the IAP’s as the game is priced at $3.99 and that’s going to rub a lot of folks the wrong way when you consider the energy gauge and the fact that battles require more juice as you progress through the game. If you’re patient, you’ll never have to pay a dime to play though as I’ve been able to get through around 25 battles without buying a gem.

Overall, Card Wars – Adventure Time is an enjoyable experience and by far the coolest CCG you’ll find on mobiles. If you’re a fan of the show you will definitely want to pick it up and floop some creatures, just keep the IAP’s and energy-based setup in mind.

Card Wars – Adventure Time for Android

Card Wars – Adventure Time for iOS