Last week we told you about AMA’s new multiplayer game Artillery Strike, and after spending a few days bombing random people online, we thought it was high time for a proper review.

Artillery Strike puts you at the helm of your own mini army as you fight asynchronous battles against friends and foes online. It plays like Battleship with tanks and as you’d expect, there’s quite a bit of strategery involved.Screenshot_2014-03-06-10-10-06

Setting up matches is as simple as selecting an opponent and there are three different ways to choose with Rank Attack, Friendly Fire, and Random Match. Once you pick your poison you’re taken to a battleground where you lay out your tanks on a grid like you would in Battleship. The number of ammo and units you can use varies, so you’ll really have to think before you just go placing units around the board all willy-nilly.Screenshot_2014-03-06-10-09-38

Artillery Strike is multiplayer only, and all the action is asynchronous so you can setup as many matches as you’d like and wait for the battle notification. It’s nice, but it has its downside as you’ll want to have friends to play this one. Most of the “random” matches I tried ended with the player never responding to the game and the same can be said of the leaderboard matches. I was able to play quite a few games, but it’s very underpopulated at the moment. That said, if you play with your pals you’re good to go.Screenshot_2014-03-06-10-09-24

Matches aside, there are leaderboards to climb and achievements to shoot for if that’s your thing. You also have several tanks to unlock along with different types of ammo. The selection is a bit sparse, but you really don’t need a lot of gear to take someone out in the game. There are some IAP’s as you’d expect from a free game although they seem to be tastefully done and aren’t thrown in your face.


Artillery Strike is a solid game, but it does have some few issues. The random matches are essentially dead or at least they were for me (and a few buddies) as 85% of random and leaderboard matches I tried were fails considering nobody showed up. If you’re strictly playing with your Google+ friends in “Friendly Fire” matches, it’s not an issue though and that’s what they seem to be shooting for as you can only login/play by using G+.

In a nutshell, if you have G+ friends that will play with you, the game is well worth your time otherwise you may have a lot of misfires trying to get a random or leaderboard match going. If you want to give it a whirl, you can pick up Artillery Strike for free on Google Play.

Artillery Strike