Last week amid all the MWC and Galaxy S5 hype, news broke of a new movie tie-in game from Marvel for the upcoming flick X-Men: Days of Future Past. Every major movie gets a mobile game these days so while the news isn’t surprising, the developer is as Marvel has gone with GlitchSoft for The Uncanny X-Men Days of Future Past.

Generally when we get a movie-based game we expect someone like Gameloft or Mobage to take the reins which can be awesome or horrible depending on how you feel what’s been produced thus far. GlitchSoft is a smaller studio, but they’ve put out a couple of cool games with Star Marine: Infinite Ammo and the awesomeness that was He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe.

At this time, little is known about The Uncanny X-Men Days of Future Past, but it will be “rendered in a unique side-scrolling 2D format” and designed to provide a “combat-focused experience” for mid-core gamers according to the studio. Needless to say, it’ll be interesting to see what they do with Wolvie and the gang, but a side-scrolling brawler in the vein of He-Man is A-Ok with us. Should be a good one and it’s definitely on our radars.

As an old-school X-Men fan… they had me by just throwing “Uncanny” in the title. The classic Days of the Future Past storyline from Claremont, Byrne, and Austin back in the day was outstanding and the movie should be the best X-Men flick to date when it’s released. As for The Uncanny X-Men Days of Future Past game, we’ll find out about that soon enough as the game is expected to hit Android an iOS devices in May.

Source: GlitchSoft