Noodlecake Studios has cranked out some great games over the years, and they’re not stranger to porting titles over to Android either. Ars Thanea Games Another Case Solved is the latest game to get an assist from Noodlecake, and it’s a puzzler you’ll want to check out if you dig matching

Another Case Solved is by the same folks that brought us Puzzle Craft, and elements of their previous game definitely make an appearance in their newest title. There’s plenty of matching madness to take on, but you won’t match gems this time around as it’s a detective game or sorts.

You’ll need to collect footprints, magnifying glasses, and questions in order to turn them into actual evidence like photographs and maps. You’ll also have a set amount of turns to pull this off which makes things much more difficult as you progress through the game. That’s just the first part of solving a case – you still have to check crime scenes, identify the right suspect, or search the city after you complete the initial phase of the investigation.another case solved

There’s a plot to Another Case Solved and there’s plenty of customization options, achievements, and cases to boot. Needless to say, there’s a lot to keep you busy and it’s a game fans of Ars Thanea’s Puzzle Craft will definitely enjoy this one once they get used to a few things. It’s a freemium game, but you shouldn’t have to pay to play unless you get impatient. Hit the link to pick up Another Case Solved on Google Play.

Another Case Solved