Growing up isn’t easy for most of us, and sometimes it’s downright scary. We’ve seen a few games take on the world through a child’s eyes, and a new Kickstarter project called Oscar from Team Sharkeye is the latest to attempt the bold feat.oscar.kickstarter-1

Oscar puts you in the shoes of a young girl growing up during a tough time. It brings empathy to the forefront and does away with a lot of the usual mechanics we seen in games these days, so you’ll not find any zombies, rocket launchers or feral fowl in the world of Oscar. Those things have been replaced by a little girl and her little stuffed elephant Flynn. It’s refreshing to say the least.oscar

The game is described as a 2D platformer of sorts, but only on the surface. The game’s environment can change on a whim to show what’s going on in the childs mind, and as you can see from the screens, daydreams aren’t always sunny and full of smiles… especially when reality starts creeping in.

Oscar is an ambitious project and Team Sharkeye could use your help to cross the finish line. They’ve managed to raise $7,369 of their $40,000 goal so far with 24 days still on the clock. There are plenty of backer levels open and lots of rewards snag including a nice plushie of Flynn. The “Toy Story” perk is especially cool if you’re the nostalgic type.oscar kickstarter

Childhood may be tough, but so is putting together a game people will want to play when it’s not a first-person shooter or money sucking mobile game. Needless to say, Oscar is the type of game we need to see more of and here’s to hoping the Kickstarter campaign is a smashing success. If you’re ready to give Team Sharkeye some Kickstarter love just hit the link below and check out Oscar.

Oscar on Kickstarter