Each week we get dozens of new Android games between Wednesday and Thursday, and while we had some big games drop this week, a little one caught are eye. Meet Gentlemen…Ricochet! from Bïtse Games, a physics-flinger full of fine folks like the musclebound Scuba Steve and Margaret the suffragette.Screenshot_2014-02-26-16-58-24

Gentlemen…Ricochet! takes place in the town of Smallbridge where Ricochet is more popular than all the other sports combined. Seriously, the residents have their own tables and are always ready for a challenge. The gameplay consists of firing a ball/token around each arena while trying to collect stars, but there’s a bit of a catch.

You can tap the screen to stop the ball in a magnetized zone and line up your next shot. If you don’t stop the ball in a zone, it’s back to the beginning of the level. Needless to say, things get tricky when you have to bounce shots off walls and bust up boards to get the stars. You don’t need to snag them all to move on, but you’ll have to nail at least one to unlock the endzone.

By the numbers, Gentlemen…Ricochet! offers up 72 levels of physics-based fun spanning several of the  residents homes.  There are also over 50 ‘token’ you can unlock and use as balls which is never a bad thing as everyone like unlockables.Screenshot_2014-02-26-16-58-58

I just stumbled across Gentlemen…Ricochet! last night so I wasn’t able to spent too much time with the game, but saw enough to know it’s groovy. The gameplay is speedy, the characters are quirky, and there’s plenty of levels to keep you flinging tokens well into the night. It’s also free (ad-supported) with no IAP’s whatsoever which is a rarity these days. You can pick up Gentlemen…Ricochet! for free on Google Play if you want to give it a go.