Our overall verdict "Excellent"

A new space-based game made its way into the world last night by the name of Out There from Mi-Clos Studio. We ran a ‘beta breakdown’ on the game at the end of January and now we’re back with our full review…

Out There is at atmospheric game that puts you to task trying to stay alive in with limited supplies as you drift through space. As you can imagine, it’s not that easy especially when one wrong turn or bad decision can end in permadeath. There is a storyline in Out There, but we’re not going to spoil it for you so just know you’re an astronaut stranded in space with sparse supplies and little hope.out there

The gameplay is a mix of resource management, mining, and exploration with some good old ‘Choose your own Adventure’ elements thrown in to boot. As for the real elements, there are three you’ll want to have on hand at all times – fuel, oxygen, and iron. The first two are self-explanatory and iron helps you repair your ship. I found fuel and iron to be more of a priority than oxygen as your ship takes a beating from entering harsh atmospheres and you need fuel for any type of movement. That said, I’ve died dozens of times from suffocation – pick your poison.out there

Elements are a big part of Out There as some worlds hold alien ores that you’ll need to build or repair tech modules on your ship. Those modules can make life easier as you travel through space, but you always have to keep any eye on your storage space as it’s going to be limited.out.there

If you see an interesting planet and decide you want to take in the sites you’ll have three kinds to choose from with Rocky, Garden, and Gas Giants. Each offers up something different and heading to a garden planet is the easiest way to make friends with the natives and snag some new tech if you can understand their lingo. Keep an eye on that fuel gauge though or you’ll end up hitting reset when you’re stuck on a planet.

If you think mining for ore, probing for fuel and dealing with aliens sounds simple it’s only because we haven’t mentioned the random events yet. Space is full of things than can kill you in an instant. Out There is full of meteors and other deadly hazards, but the random events can really bitch slap you back into reality quickly when you’re on a good run.out-there.1

Sometimes those random events work in your favor and allow you to gather some extra resources or get new tech while others will simply zap you “Out There” and into the middle of nowhere. That has happened to me numerous times and occasionally you’ll find yourself totally stuck. The galaxy is vast, but you can only go as far as your Space Folder allows. I’ve also had to cannibalize my own modules to make repairs so I can make one last jump more times than you can imagine.out there

By the numbers, Out There offers up 8 different ships to discover, 20 modules, 15 elements, 300+ adventure events/choices, and 3 different endings. I’ve sank countless hours into the game and have only seen one ending if you tells you anything. Out There also has a great soundtrack from Siddhartha Barnhoorn of The Stanley Parable and Antichamber fame.out.there.2


Out There is moody, tough, and an absolute blast if you dig space-based games that really make you work for it. I’ve died after only a few minutes of play and other times I’ve managed to go for several hours before finally running out of fuel after getting stuck in a series of Black Holes. It’s pulpy, so it’s a game old school Sci-Fi fans will love and you’re going to get a different adventure every time out thanks to the procedurally generated galaxies. You’ll never be able to take the same route twice, and sometimes you won’t even be able to retrace your steps due to random events or a systems failure. Space is tough and so is Out There.

Aside from a few minor things, Out There is as good as it gets and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better space-based game of this nature on any platform. You can pick up Mi-Clos Studios Out There for $3.99 on Google Play or the App Store.