Battleship is a game most of us have played at some point, and there are plenty of Battleship style games to choose from on Google Play. Artillery Strike is a new one that was just released today, and it does the whole Battleship thing a little bit differently than the rest…artillery strike android

Artillery Strike replaces Submarines and PT boats for Tanks and other vehicular forms of doom and as you’d expect, strategy is going to play a big part of the game. You’ll have to lay out you’re your units on a grid, load up with ammo, and pick your spots carefully or risk behind blown to bits when it comes time for your opponent to take their turn.

Turn-based asynchronous play is the name of the game in Artillery Strike as it allows you to play multiple matches at once. You can start a game with a friend (or foe) at will, and even take on a little target practice between matches to help upgrade your arsenal. There are plenty of unlockables, and over 60 missions to take on as you try to climb up the leaderboards leaving your battered opponents behind you.Screenshot_2014-02-25-14-19-07

I’ve always been a fan of AMA’s releases (Babel Rising, Panic Flight) and Artillery Strike is their first multiplayer game. There is an energy system of sorts to deal with and no single player campaign, but it’s been easy to get a match started and the game is a blast once you get some active opponents line up. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up AMA’s Artillery Strike for free on Google Play.

Artillery Strike