Sony’s Playstation 4 was released in the land of the rising sun on February 22 and, according to sales tracker Famitsu, has done very well for itself by selling an incredible 322,000 units.  Sony has something to be happy about as far as hardware sales go, but the picture isn’t quite so rosy when it comes software.  Famitsu has just released the software sales figures for the PS4 launch and the results are somewhat worrying.

1. Knack – 322,083 (Pack-in)
2. Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin – 73,086
3. Battlefield 4 – 26,878
4. Killzone Shadowfall – 25,978
5. Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends – 13,576

Knack was the best selling title at launch but that number is a little misleading.  The game was packed in with every console sold.  Beyond the free game packed in with the console it doesn’t look like Japanese gamers are interested in a whole lot of software.

It’s worth noting that the loew sales of Dynasty Warriors (typically a strong franchise in Japan) is likely due to it being a re-release.  The game is an updated version of version of Dynasty Warriors 8 and was released for the PS3 and Vita months ago.

Source: NeoGAF/Famitsu