Hundreds of new games are released each week, and it’s easy to forget about some great titles that came out a few years ago. Even if you think you’ve played everything, there’s a lot seasoned gamers can miss on the any platform and new gamers definitely have a lot to choose from. With that in mind, we decided to fire up a new feature called “Flashback Fridays” where we highlight a game you may have forgotten about. First up we have a little game called A Story of a Band from Hot Byte Games…

A Story of a Band is a pixely little sim that lets you manage your very own band. You’ll create your band from scratch, and you’re story.of.a.band3going to have to deal with all the things that go into managing a group full of musicians including rehab and moodiness.

Dealing with your moody members is just half the battle if you want to make it to the top. Critics can be harsh and it is definitely not easy to put out a hit record starting out. Fans are fickle, musical tastes change, and you’ll need to follow the trends and switch it up if you want to stay relevant. You can change up a lot of things about your band including its members, but you’ll want to be careful who you give the walking papers to as some band members are much more popular than others.

Most of your time will be spent making records, but there’s a whole lot more to A Story of a Band than that. You can level up your band members and help them learn new skills or sharpen their old ones. When you’re not brushing up on your skills, you can go on tours to earn extra cash or fans. As your popularity rises, so do the haters and you get to go against your biggest rivals in a Battle of the Bands mini-game.

By the numbers, A Story of a Band offers up 25 different band members to choose from, 40 different items, and a whopping 60 story.of.a.band2skills. There are 14 different musical genres to play with, and your band can improve their musical skills in 10 different areas. Needless to say, there’s a lot to do and it’s not a sim that’s going to bore you to death or have you playing the ‘waiting game’ as you wait for tasks to complete.

A Story of a Band is a game that shows you how an awesome sim should be made as there’s loads of depth and no nagging IAP’s to deal with. The Android version has been out since 2012, and iOS gamers may be a bit more familiar with it as it only hit iOS in October of last year. The game is an absolute blast if you dig sims, and hopefully it’s not the last title we’ll see from Hot Byte Games. If you’re on Android there’s a free demo of the game you can try before you buy while the full version will only set you back $2.57. On the iOS side of things, there’s no demo but the full version is a bit cheaper at $1.99.

A Story of a Band for Android

A Story of a Band on iOS