In January we reviewed a little Indie game by the name of Hack Ex. It’s a hacking simulator that will suck you in, and keep you checking back hourly to make sure nobody has stolen your hard earned cash. Since its release, the developer has issued several solid Hack Ex updates and they just cranked out another one yesterday.

hack ex

You’ll come to love those little boxes…

The newest Hack Ex update brings the usual bug fixes to the table, and while it doesn’t offer up any new devices, there are some handy new features you’ll want to take advantage of. The Hack Ex update will now allow you to delete processes en masse which is going to save you a whole lot of time and you no longer have to go to the leaderboard to check your score – it can now be done by clicking your name on the home screen. Nice touch.

The Spam section of Hack Ex got an update as well as you’ll now be able to actually remove any Spam you’ve uploaded to another player, and you can see your total spam earning rate. Those earning rates have been reduced a smidge which is something that may cause a few of you togrimace. No worries though as it all evens out considering upload and download times have been reduced.

The Hack Ex update is a good one, and if you haven’t played the game since we reviewed it in January, you’ve missed out on quite a bit. Before yesterday’s update, the game had already added several new devices, an extra Network tier, a slew of tweaks, and the extremely handy Note Pad. If you haven’t checked out Hack Ex yet and we’ve managed to pique your curiosity, there’s no time like the present to start hacking.

Hack Ex