Like platformers? We do, and if you’re an Android gamer there’s a new one you’ll want to check out by the name of Mikey Shorts. Folks on iOS are very familiar with the game, and today Noodlecake Studios finally brought lil’ Mikey over to Android.mikey shorts

Run, Jump, and Slide. That’s the name of the game in Mikey Shorts, a speedy little platformer that puts your skills to the test as you zip through the levels collecting coins and jumping over obstacles. There are plenty of people to rescue along the way and a jaw-dropping 170+ disguises to wear for those of you who like to deck out your characters in new duds. Did we mention 84 levels spanning two game modes? Needless to say, there’s plenty to keep you busy in the world of Mikey Shorts.

As a hardcore Android gamer, I’ll admit that Mikey Shorts is one of the few iOS games I played before it made the jump over to Android. While I haven’t played the Android port yet, the iOS version was simply awesome, and the game is definitely a welcome addition to Android. If you love fast-paced games or platformers, Mikey Shorts is just the thing for you and it’ll only set you back $0.99 on Google Play.

Mikey Shorts