Yesterday we told you what to expect from Star Wars: Assault Team, and today we’re back to take a look at another game in a soft-launch of sorts.Mobage brought Lawless to iOS in December of last year, and last week Mobage gave the game a limited Android release like they did with GI Joe Battleground and countless other games. If you’re wondering what to expect, wonder no more. How does an arcade shooter set in the 90s sound?lawless

Lawless is a rail shooter that lets you command a crack team of criminals in quick tap-based firefights. There’s a storyline to follow, and boatloads of bullets are going to fly as you try take on the many mini-missions of Lawless. The gameplay is about as simple as it gets, but what Lawless lacks in mechanics it more than makes up for in style.

To say Lawless is a sharp looking game would be a bit of an understatement. The game look so good you don’t mind being on the rails, and you’ve got to love a game with destructible environments. You can blow up cars, destroy windows, and basically put a slew of bullet holes into anything you see including the boys in blue trying to take you out. lawless mobage

Lawless has a lot going for it, and while it’s a freemium game, everything seems to have been handled well from the hour or so I put in. It may be a little too basic for some gamers, but it’s a perfect fit for anyone that loves a good tap-based shooter. There’s been no word on when Lawless will see a wide release, but you can hit the link below to see if it’s available in your region.