It’s still a while before we see Hitman on a next-gen console, but fans of old baldy will be pleased to know there’s a new Hitman game in the works for Android and iOS. Yup, Square Enix and IO Interactive are bringing the franchise to mobiles and while the news may make you cringe, Hitman GO actually sounds pretty interesting.

Hitman GO is set to be the first mobile release from the Hitman franchise and they’re taking the turn-based route to bring Agent 47 to smartphones and tablets.  The game will use diorama-style set pieces and put you to work navigating fixed spaces on a grid as you attempt to sneak into different locations and eliminate your target.  The turn-based approach means strategy is going to play a big part in Hitman GO, and the artwork has certainly piqued our curiosity.

While no release date has been given for Hitman GO, they’ve said it’s almost ready for a launch and that we “might” hear more about the game in the coming weeks. This is great news as they’ve just got to do a little testing and possibly a soft-launch before we get to check the game out. Rest assured, we’ll be back with a full review soon after Hitman GO goes live.