Anyone familiar with gaming history knows that the Playstation was originally a CD based addon for the SNES, but beyond a few concept sketches here and there most details of the project have been forever sealed away.  That is until today, when GM of GREE Vancouver and retro game aficionado Steve Lin has uncovered some technical documents pertaining to the SNES CD.   Earlier today he Tweeted his finds along with a few images of the technical manual.  We’ve got the images here for you:

snes-cd-1 snes-cd-2 snes-cd-3



According to the documents, the system would use disc enclosed within a plastic N-Disc caddy.  Such a style hasn’t been strange to Nintendo – Their shirt-live N64DD used discs with caddies, as did their Famicom Disc System (although they were magnetic floppy discs and not optical discs).  It also reveals that a special cartridge would have to be inserted into the SNES system itself to boot into the CD-ROM addon.  It’s important to note that the images of these manuals are not necessarily of the Nintendo/Sony partnership.  There were many versions of the CD addon and this manual is dated February of 1993, long after the partnership had dissolved.

Steve has said that he will eventually add all of this documentation (including more to come) to a public archive.

Source: Twitter