We’re back with another edition of “Kickstarter Pick of the Week” and this week we’re going to take a look at a space-based game by the name of 39 Days to Mars from Philip Buchanan.39 days to mars39 Days to Mars is described as being a “co-op steampunk survival-adventure game” that follows Sir Albert Wickes and The Honorable Clarence Baxter on their way to Mars. Your job is to keep the two bumbling explorers alive on the HMS Fearful, and it’s not going to be easy considering it’s the 19th century and those chaps aren’t the brightest.39 days to marsHaving two lead characters allows you to team up with a buddy for some co-op play, and you’ll have to work together if you want to stay aloft in the HMS fearful and make it to Mars. The game is a mix of tricky puzzles, mini-games, and resource management and as you’d expect, things will get much tougher as you get closer to the Red Planet.

The 39 Days to Mars Kickstarter has around 19 days left of the clock, and thankfully they’ve already hit their $1,000NZD goal by bringing in a little over $2k which ensures a release. That said, if they can reach $4,000 the game will be ported over to iOS, Android, and Windows phones. As for the pledge levels, they range from $2 bucks for the game to $120 for a custom version of a character modeled after you or a picture.39days239 Days to Mars got our attention with the concept, and the artwork reeled us right on in. It’s also nice to see a Kickstarter project you don’t have to wait a year to play as the game is expected to see a release on PC, Xbox 360, Linux, Mac, and the OUYA in April of this year. If you want to find out more about 39 Days to Mars or show it a little funding love, just hit up the link below.

39 Days to Mars