Flappy Bird, we hardly knew ye. Flappy Bird may still be the most popular bird around, but eventually it’s going to die down and Rovio has a little something in the pipeline that may help ease your pain. That’s right, today Rovio teased gamers with a brand new game from the insanely popular Angry Birds franchise.

Rovio took to Twitter to break the news about the upcoming game and as you’d expect, they kept the details light by saying “Big adventure with new birds coming soon!” That may not tell us much, but new birds are never a bad thing in an AB game. Rovio went on to drop another tweet about an hour later saying that the official name will be revealed tomorrow.

We also got a picture that’s actually pretty interesting considering the stylized look of the birds and while we can’t see their faces, one can only assume they are still very angry. The timing is perfect for a new physics-flinger as well considering their last game was the Kart Racer Angry Birds Go.angry.birds

Angry Birds has been a huge success for Rovio, and while they’ve put out other games, we knew it was only a matter of time before those fickle fowls popped up again. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more and those mysterious new birds are revealed.

Via: Rovio

UPDATE: It’s going to be called “Angry Birds Stella” and looks to be full of Angry girlie birds.