Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Google Play is packed to the brim with horrible surgery games, but the gaming gods shined a light onto the Play Store yesterday when Adult Swim finally released Amateur Surgeon 3 for Android. After spending countless hours slicing folks open and stapling them shut, we’re back with a quick review of Amateur Surgeon 3 for Android.Screenshot_2014-02-11-19-27-54

Amateur Surgeon 3 is the tale of Ophelia, an amateur surgeon of sorts that gets a gig performing operations on some very unusual patients. Unless you count big-brained dogs and robots with medical Tourette’s as normal. Those are just your practice patients, things get much stranger from there…Screenshot_2014-02-11-16-12-42

Performing surgery is pretty simple and quite a bit of fun in Amateur Surgeon 3. You can slice folks open with pizza cutters and yank out foreign objects with tongs, but it’s all good as you’ve got a lighter and stapler to make sure they don’t bleed to death. Different issues require different tools, and the tools are all gesture-based which isn’t as simple as it sounds at times. Ever try chipping a lung out of concrete with a chainsaw? Not easy.amateur surgeon 3

Ridding your patients of broken glass and fleas is only half the battle as you’re patients heart rate drops during the course of surgery and you have to constantly give them injections to get their health back up. That or you can let Mister Giblits lick them back to death. There are also two timers to contend with, and both make life a little harder. One tell you how much time you have to operate while the other lets you know when you can get a hand from one of your numerous assistants.Screenshot_2014-02-11-23-03-01

Early on you’ll meet your first assistant and quickly understand where the whole ‘Tag Team Trauma’ bit comes from. During surgery you can ‘tag in’ an assistant and take advantage of their special abilities. There are 8 different assistants you can unlock with your surgery money, but you’ll want to be careful how you spend your hard earned coin as your tools are upgradable as well.


Amateur Surgeon 3 is a zany little game that certainly doesn’t take itself seriously, but does provide countless hours of quirky fun. The controls are simple and the game is challenging enough to keep things entertaining from start to finish. There are plenty of surgeries to perform (20+) and there are multiple save slots which is great for when you want to show a game off, but don’t want your friends ruining your score.

The only downside to Amateur Surgeon 3 is with the IAP/timer setup. The IAP’s aren’t the worst we’ve seen but could use adjusting as you only get three blood bags to use and you have to have a blood bag to operate. Lose them all, and you’re left waiting for over an hour for a refill… or you can buy 3 more for a buck. If the game wasn’t addictive, you wouldn’t even care so therein lies the rub.Screenshot_2014-02-12-00-33-12

Overall, the game is a blast and It’s great to see it make its way to Android after a successful release on iOS. If you want to give it a go you can pick up Amateur Surgeon 3 for free on Google Play.

Amateur Surgeon 3