This is odd but awesome.  Takara Tomy (known outside Japan simply as Tomy), creators of Transfomers, have decided to combine their ultra hit toy line with videogames.  Transformers are certainly no strangers to videogames, but this time it’s a little different.  Instead of the Transformers starring in a game, a game console is becoming a Transformer.

They’re calling it the Mega Drive Megatron and hot damn is it cool.


Last month Tomy put up a teaser for a new line called Video Game Robotics HD and it looks like we now know what it is.  This version of Megatron will transform into a Sega Mega Drive and back and even includes a little controller.  It doesn’t look like the actual console portion will be functional, but wouldn’t that be cool?

If they create a Super Famicom Optimus Prime I may as well just sign my paycheck over to them now.