Cover Orange is one of those games that was supposed to come to Android a long while back, but never got around to making the trip. That changed on Thursday as FDG Entertainment brought the quirky game to Android in a remixed sequel of sorts with Cover Orange: Journey.cover orange: journey

The goal of Cover Orange: Journey is to protect your oranges from the deadly acid rain. As the title implies, you’ll have to ‘cover’ them to keep them safe as they’ll shrivel up and die if a drop of rain hits them. Each level gives you one or more oranges to cover and the objects you get to cover them with can be anything from a wheel or block to a chest. Sometimes it’s as simple as dropping a box into place over an orange while other stages require some thought and a little help from a bomb or two.

Some new elements have been brought to the land of Cover Orange this time around including hidden stars on the levels and a dressing room for your orange. Yup, you can now dress your orange up as a pirate, proper gentlemen or damn near anything you can imagine. cover orange: journey

There are a whole lot of options to choose from, and it’s a simple but nice addition to the game. By the numbers, Cover Orange: Journey offers up 200 levels set across 5 different ‘Epochs of Time’ and more costumes and accessories than you can shake a stick at.cover orange journey

Cover Orange: Journey is a blast if you’re into physics-based puzzlers and with 200 tricky levels, it’s going to keep you busy for a while. The game is ad-supported and there are some IAP’s, but both are unobtrusive. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up Cover Orange: Journey for free on Google Play.

Cover Orange: Journey