10000000 is one of the best puzzlers around, and fans of the game have been waiting to see what developer Luca Redwood would come up with next. The wait is finally over as today he announced his next game called You Must Build a Boat.b.boat2

The new game originally started out as the planned expansion to 10000000, but as time progressed, the game grew into a new beast by the name of You Must Build a Boat. As the title implies, one of the goals of the game is to build a boat, but there’s a bit more to it than that. While the gameplay mirrors the matching madness of 10000000, many new challenges have been thrown into the mix.

Exploration and upgraded tiles are new additions as well as “Choose your Own Adventure” elements. You’ll also be able to capture characters and monsters that can join your crew and give you a hand in battle or recruit new members to live on your boat. Interesting additions to say the least and “Hell” is mentioned as a place you can explore along with a Mage Tower. Count us in.you must build a boat

If you loved 10000000, there’s absolutely no doubt you’ll dig You Must Build a Boat. If you’ve never played 10000000, there’s no time like the present and  iit’s on sale over on Google Play and the App Store for $0.99 to celebrate the announcement of the new game. No word on when You Must Build a Boat will be released, we’ll keep you informed as we learn more.

You Must Build a Boat