With today’s Kickstarter coverage we’ll be looking at a real-time strategy game called Zombie Company Crusade.  Currently in funding for iPhone/iPad/Android, ZCC is an RTS game about control, tactics, and blowing the hell out of some zombies.  Currently sitting at approximately 65% completion, ZCC’s creator Thad David is reaching out to the Kickstarter community to help finish the game and bring his big ideas to life.

For starters, Zombie Company Crusade isn’t your average RTS.  The focus is on actual strategy and real life tactics, not the meat grinder that passes for combat is most other games in the genre.  Luckily, real life military tactics is something Thad David knows all about; He’s a Recon Sniper for the United States Army and knows a thing or two about how a real army operates.  Of particular importance are the controls.  Most mobile RTS’ are lacking in the control department, allowing you to merely give suggestions instead of direct orders.  David has assured us that a lot of time has gone into creating controls that are tight and responsive, giving you much greater tactical flexibility.

What It’s All About

Like any RTS worth it’s salt Zombie Company Crusade will feature a campaign to teach you the ropes and work and show the world that’s been built for the game.  Following a zombie apocalypse it’s your responsibility to rally the survivors and clear out the rotting hordes one country at a time.  As you progress through the campaign and liberate more countries you’ll be able to use the resources you’ve acquired in one location to build up and strengthen your other locations.

The campaign promises an exciting time, but the real meat of the game is the multiplayer.  You and your friends can form a company and band together to survive.  Your company can battle other companies with each player participating in the battle in an attempt you liberate the resources under their command.  You can even fight your friends one on one, but be careful – At any time, in any mode, you may be attacked by a horde of the undead that threaten to tear apart everything you’ve built.


I recently exchanged a few emails with Thad David and asked a few questions about Zombie Company Crusade.

Can you give us a few words about your game?

Zombie Company Crusade is a real-time strategy game that focuses on the use of modern military troops, weapons, and tactics. It takes place just shortly after the zombie apocalypse takes over the world.  So each user will fight other users in the online battle mode while also dealing with random attacks from the zombie horde.  There will be a large single player campaign mode in which the user has to save the world from zombies by going country to country and clearing them out.

Why did you decide to start a campaign on a crowd funding platform? Why Kickstarter?

I decided to give crowd funding a try because I need help finishing the last leg of this game.  Building a game is not cheap.  By having more funding I will be able to add more of the features I want I to the game without cutting any corners.  I choose Kickstarter because it’s the one I am most familiar with.

What advantages or uniqueness are you bringing to the table?

The big advantage my game will have over other similar titles is troop controls.  Currently, mobile RTS games have troops that wander the map with no direction from the user.  We are spending a lot of time coming up with the best way to enable troop controls.  This will make the game a lot more tactical in the sense that the user will be able to plan out each attack in the best way they think possible.


What kind of rewards did you come up with? What would be your advice to others regarding the rewards?

I tried to come up with rewards that I would want.  The best advice I can give to anyone that wants to play ZCC is to get Sgt. Rome.  We are offering this in game troop exclusively on Kickstarter to anyone that backs us at this level.  It will only be available during this limited time and he will offer any player that has him a significant advantage when fighting off zombies.

All the rewards are great though. There is a military style challenge coin as well as a ZCC founder T-shirt that comes with a set of nukes that can be used to destroy your enemies in the game.

What would be your advice regarding creating a project on Kickstarter in general? How important was the video?

For now I would say that the video is the most important part of your Kickstarter project. Coming in a close second is your press release though.  Have a plan to get your project past your inner circle and out for the world to see.

What did you do to promote your Kickstarter campaign?

To promote my kickstarter I first went to my family and large group of friends. Once I had all of their support I started contacting blogs and influential people that I thought may be interested in my game.

Where did the idea for ZCC come from? 

I was on a ship off the coast of Africa last May providing anti-piracy security and the idea for this game popped in my head.  When I got home I started the first round of drawings and it has just snowballed from there.  As the project got bigger people started to get more interested in joining the team.

Can you tell us something cool which isn’t written in your project page?

Something that isn’t written on my project page, this is a good question.  I have a really hard time coming up with things about myself and my project because I am not one for talking about myself…

You know that I am a Recon Sniper and I am using my military background to help make this game as realistic as possible.  One thing I haven’t told anyone is one of my team members and best friends is a Navy SEAL.  I can’t give his name or his info but we are working extremely close together to make this game the most realistic game in the App Store.

Thanks for your time, Thad.  Can’t wait to play ZCC.

More Info

If you’re interested in seeing more of Zombie Company Crusade, visit the official website and Facebook page.  If you want to back the game and help bring it to life, head on over to the Kickstarter page.