A France-based game and toy publisher, IELLO, is launching their new tabletop for the USA market on Kickstarter. The campaign has reached almost 1500 backers and almost 300% of the budget has been met. Time for some questions about the specs of Zombie 15′.

Guillaume Lémery & Nicolas Schlewitz are two French gamers who came up with the idea of Zombie 15′ while playing a zombie video game. They wanted to create a board-game that has the same thrill as Zombie videogames and movies do. Tip of the veil: the game is not a a straightforward tabletop: it comes with a music score; sound effects; and a time-limit.

Why did you decide to start a campaign on a crowd funding platform? Why Kickstarter? We created this campaign because while we knew that Zombie 15′ was going to be an awesome game, we wanted to include more in the game than we could, without support from our Kickstarter backers. As a consequence of our campaign, we’ve been able to put a lot more game material in the box, and have also been able to lower the MSRP. We think it is a win-win for everybody!

What uniqueness you are bringing to the table? IELLO is doing a couple of unusual things in this campaign. We are inviting our community of backers to help us to make Zombie 15′ a better game, but not just for them… Our backers are helping us make a better game for everybody! We’re also not making exclusives for this campaign, so while we have some thank you gifts (we’re calling “sweeteners”, one of the suggestions coming from our backers), but those gifts may be available later in the year, in other forms.

Is it the first game IELLO has developed? IELLO is a very successful worldwide games publisher. We are headquartered in France, but formed the US division in May of 2012. We have run one other very successful campaign, the Guardians’ Chronicles Kickstarter campaign. We thought that our backers would appreciate getting a chance to help us make Zombie 15′ a better game. We’ve had enthusiastic support from our backers, who are excited about Zombie 15′. They have a lot of really excellent suggestions.

What kind of rewards did you come up with? What would be your advice to others regarding the rewards? We had a plan for what we’d like to see in the Zombie 15′ game, but to include everything we’d like to have in the box, we would have had to put a very high price on the game. Now each stretch goal represents an item that we will add to the game. We are very pleased that we attained all the stretch goals we originally proposed. With each stretch goal, we’ve sent instructions to our factories to add that to the box. We’ve even added a whole level of exciting new stretch goals that will help make Zombie 15′ even more awesome!

What would be your advice regarding creating a project on Kickstarter in general? How important was the video? We approached this Kickstarter with the experience we’d gained from our first, and with some clear ideas about what we hoped to achieve. We had a lot of our artwork and materials ready before the campaign started, and we’ve been able to provide exciting new goals as we’ve met our older goals.

Our videos help the potential backers see a lot more of what the game is like, and I know our backers have responded very positively to what we’ve prepared for them. Our advice – be prepared, but also understand that there will always be twist and turns along the way.

What did you do to promote your Kickstarter campaign? We’ve utilized our social networking outlets, and have spread the word through our media channels and press releases. And a lot of interest has been generated just by the buzz and excitement from our backers.

At the time of writing, the Zombie 15′ Kickstarter campaign has 1,489 backers together pledging $103,254, much more than the original $35,000 goal. Deadline: February 13, 2014.