Will they or won’t they. Rumors surrounding an Amazon Android console have been brewing since last year, and according to a new report, it look like me may finally see the mysterious machine this year, and it’s going to be priced at less than $300 bucks.

According to VG24/7, the system will run Android and is being built for the living room to compete with the likes of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Nothing major there as any upcoming console is going to have to go up against the big three along with the upcoming Steambox and a slew of underwhelming microconsoles.

What’s interesting is the fact that they say Android and iOS games were used to demo the console and that it’s been shown off to Senior publishing sources. The Amazon Android console is said to be similar to the redesigned PSone in the looks department in its current state, but that will likely change as things move forward. The hardware is being put together by Lab 126, the same folks responsible for designing the Kindle Fire lineup.

While today’s news isn’t earth-shattering, it’s definitely good news to hear that Amazon is still working on its Android console. It’s really only a matter of an official announcement or major leak at this point as it makes perfect sense for Amazon to put out an “Android console” considering their success with Kindle and the beast known as Amazon Prime.

While we know next to nothing about the Amazon Android console at this time, it’s safe to say its specs will be more on par with the Mad Catz M.O.J.O than the OUYA – or at least they should be with a $200+ price tag. You can bet the farm that the console will be tightly tied to Amazon as well (no Play Store) and will push entertainment as much as it will gaming.

It will be interesting to see how the Amazon Android console rumors pan out as the year rolls on. They don’t have a lot of competition to contend with on the Android front, but they will have to make something really unique to be a factor against the major players.

Source – VG24/7