Our overall verdict "Good"

There are many mobile games that let gamers play alchemists, and JoyBits has carved out a pretty big niche for themselves with their “Doodle” games like Doodle God, Doodle Devil and Doodle Farm. Last week they unleashed the next game in that series with Doodle Kingdom and after spending some time with the game we’re back with the lowdown…
Doodle Kingdom is another alchemy-based doodle game, but it won’t be as simple as mixing fire with some sand this time around. The gameplay basically stays the same, but the elements and what you’re able to create is far different as Doodle Kingdom has a medieval/fantasy theme. Ready to create a Pegasus and some Dwarfs?
Mixing elements is as simple as dragging one onto the other, and there are plenty of elements to discover in Doodle Kingdom. You’ll get 116 spanning 13 different groups like buildings, mythical creatures, materials, and evil. As you’d expect, the elements vary wildly, and it works well as you’ll end up straining your brain to come up with some of the combinations the game offers. A few of our favorites would be the Ent, Mythril armor, and Dark Elves just to name a few.

As with any brain teaser, Doodle Kingdom has a nifty little hint system to help you along if you get stuck. The hints are limited, but regenerate and you can always purchase more if need be. If you get tired of mixing elements, no worries as Doodle Kingdom offers up three different modes of play with Genesis Mode, Quests, and the strangeness that is My Hero.

You’ll spend most of your time in Genesis mode which lets you match and create until you run out of elements. Quest mode, on the other hand, is something totally different. There are three quests that can be unlocked once you unlock a certain item in Genesis mode. It’s kind of a short ‘story mode’ of sorts where you have to create to reach a certain goal, and while they’re short, they are quite a bit of fun.doodle.kingdom-3

Last but not least, we have the “My Hero” mode which is actually an endless runner. Definitely not something you’d expect to find in a Doodle game. It’s different, and a nice distraction but it’s only going to hold your attention for a bit. Rounding things out are a smattering of achievements and Google Play Games integration. doodle.kingdom-1

Where to start. Doodle Kingdom is another slick game from JoyBits, and the whole fantasy element of the game was refreshing as were the quests. That said, the replay factor is a non-factor as there’s not much to keep you entertained once you finish out Genesis mode. Is it worth a couple of bucks? It depends on just how much you like Doodle God and its brethren as the game is solid, but very light in the depth department. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up the regular version of Doodle Kingdom for $1.99 while the HD version will set you back $2.99.

Doodle Kingdom