How much have you ever paid for a videogame?  $60?  Maybe you’ve gone up to $100 for that special collector’s edition that you just had to have?  What about $100,000?

Right now on eBay there is an NES game caught in a bidding frenzy and the price has risen to nearly a hundred thousand big ones.  The game in question is the spectacularly rare Nintendo World Championship cartridge.  While bidding for this particular game usually reaches high numbers – The average selling price is around $15,000 US – this is the first time the price has risen to something this insane.  No game has ever been sold for this much, and adding to the insanity is the condition of the cartridge; The label is almost entirely torn off with the word “Mario” casually written on the now blank surface in ballpoint pen.  Here’s a link to the auction so you can see the craziness for yourself.

Chances are these bids are more joking than serious at this point.  It’s likely that whoever wins the auction is not actually going to pay and merely placed their bid in the hopes of increasing the value to comical proportions (and if that’s the case then mission accomplished).  If, however, the winning bidder was serious in their offer and they do pay up… one eBay seller is about to have a very, very good day.