Adam Comiskey is company director of the British multi-award winning animation studio Pew36. Together with tech guru Nick Thomas they’re launching a slightly controversial game to challenge the concept of a hero: Nature Hater is the name. And ballsy is the game.

In short, you play a platypus killing your way – through nature – to find God ‘for the ultimate showdown’.

Asked what made them make this particular game.. They thought it would be fun to make a game with an absolute git for a Hero. ‘It is not often you get to play a game where your goal is so destructive and bad spirited. Plus, how many games have you played where you get to throw bricks at God?’

Whether the Nature Hater theme is cynic, sarcasm or irony? Comiskey has some serious input. ‘ I have spent the last 10 years collecting together a team of extremely twisted artists. And Nature Hater is just the tip of the God genre iceberg. But it is not just superficial ribbing, there are many layers to the satire and some really deep themes within the products.’

Comiskey has been a digital artist in the games industry and VFX industry for nearly 20 years. Selecting talent while working at the University ‘my team are built up from the best of the best students I have taught at uni for the past 10 years. My coder Nick is a robotics expert. So we know what we are doing in every respect… except marketing.

Having garnered so much talent has many pro’s. ‘We were really fortunate with our rewards because we are artists with our fingers in many creative outputs. We design clothes, toys, and produce a ton of work for print. So we have the pipe line set-up to deliver really high quality rewards without impacting our day to day routine. So my advice for others is not to step out of your comfort zone.’

The game is already free to download on Kickstarter. With Kickstarter they just want to make it better, more levels, more baddies, more weapons.

Have a look at their deadpan video below.

The Pew36 animation company is about 7 years old, they just launched Therapist Games, Nature Hater being their début. With 43 backers, the Nature Hater Kickstarter campaign has collected ₤1,734 out of the ₤2,500 goal – at the time of writing.