We’ve seen plenty of card battling games come to Android over the past few years, but today we got an Android game from Sony that does things a little differently. Suits and Swords is the name of the game, and Blackjack is your weapon of choice…

Suits and Swords is a card battling game in the most literal sense of the word. It’s the tale of a Kingdom divided into four thanks to the vile Joker, and after a long absence, the Joker is back to cause a little chaos. You take control of a hero called Black Jack, and it’s up to you to set things right in the four card realms.
swords and suits
The battling in Suits and Swords is done through playing Blackjack, and even if you’ve never played its extremely easy to pick up on through the games tutorial. If you’re an old pro at Blackjack you’ll immediately recognize all the familiar terms like stand, hit, split and double down. That said, Suits and Swords can give you a magical assist to help you reach 21 which is something Blackjack players wish they had when they are at the casino.
swords and suits
Suits and Swords is a fun little game that snuck up on when it popped onto the Play Store earlier today. A quick test run turned into an hour long session, and I have the feeling a lot of gamers are going to experience the same thing. The production is top-notch, and it’s going to keep you busy with over 100 battles spanning four realms. There’s a ton of weapons, gear, and achievements as well. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up Sony’s Suits and Swords for free on Google Play.

Suits and Swords