With lots of promises of immersive experience, gamers still feel that full-blown reality in video games is still a fantasy and these video games are not getting them there yet. However, there are few exemptions where the immersive experience is beginning to take off.

One of these is the phenomenon game Sword Art Online. It’s a Japanese novel set in a virtual world where the earth is in the form of a giant castle, Aincrad with one hundred floors, each with medieval theme, a dungeon and a character that acts as the Boss. PlayStation has released the first installment in March 2013 and rumors have it that the second will be available for PlayStation Vita soon in April 2014. This anime original video game has gamers feel as if they’re inside the castle, that they can smell things, feel things and even talk and have to move, think fast and caught their breath as they escape punishments or else they die. When they do, they’re not only out of the game but as though their real body also dies.

For sports lover, there are sport video games that offer interactive experience like basketball, tennis, football, soccer and car racing. Forza Motor Sport is definitely a close to reality racing video game and every automotive inclined gamer would swear by its high technical aspect giving them “real road experience”. And because it’s a top choice for racing fans, Xbox 360 has released two updates, Forza 2 and Forza 3.

For hardcore action gamers, there’s the Assassin Creed and Assassin Creed Liberation HD has a female protagonist to create a different action waves.

Second Life is considered the largest 3D virtual world in term of membership and activity. Here a gamer can assume another character and assume another “life” and be one of the “residents” and explore a world , be the social animal he wants to be, meet people (other residents)and get rich by creating virtual properties. Second Life fans had grown in large scales and in fact, SL community has celebrated their 10th anniversary last June 2013 with a big party complete with dancing, a dj, and live music. While there are mixed reactions and reviews for Second Life, this virtual world game has been used as a means of escape from the real world by gamers who want to express and live their lives without boundaries.

Another great means of escape is casino games offered in 3D version. PlayStation has High Roller Casino that offers the virtual world of casino high roller. There is also the World Series of Poker where gamers enter as a participant in the largest and most anticipated poker game. For gamers love the poker challenges in Battle for the Bracelet World Series Poker. These casino video games have full-blown reality of casino and have casino environment that is closest to Las Vegas. In fact, gamers after playing feel the urge to try mobile casino because they feel as if they have played the real game. Nintendo has Golden Nugget for casino gamers while Xbox has Avatar Casino slots.

The gaming world is still waiting for the technology that will bring gamers there – in full-blown reality. Google glass and Oculus rift have good promises but still there are some issues that need to be resolved before gamers can say, “yes, we are there”. In the meantime for closest to reality casino experience visit http://casinojuggler.com/ and enjoy next to real thing games.