Our overall verdict "Average"

A couple of days ago we told you about the new RoboCop game from Glu, and as promised, we’re back with a breakdown of the game. Our RoboCop review is coming a little quicker than we expected, but there’s a good reason for that…
RoboCop is a cover-based shooter that puts you to work taking out bad guys with extreme prejudice. The “extreme prejudice” part is a bit of a fib as you’re actually going up against holograms in a series of tedious training missions. Yup, RoboCop is a prequel of sorts to the upcoming movie so while you do get to fight against some big bads, they are holograms and they don’t put up much of a fight.
Controlling RoboCop is about as simple as it gets. You touch-drag on one side of the screen to line up your shot, and tap the other side to pop out of cover and dish out some justice. You get a couple of perks like Focus Mode and Drones, but it’s all really vanilla for the most part. Pop up, shoot, hunker down, change cover – rinse and repeat. Aside from having to pause while your guns cool down, you can blow through a level fairly quick.
Shooters are known for their upgrade setups, and as shoddy as the shooting mechanic is RoboCop has a slew of upgradeable weapons and gear. You can upgrade damn near anything, and the skill trees are massive. Unfortunately, this is where the IAP’s start to rear their ugly heads as you need premium currency to unlock ‘nodes’ in the skill trees, and you’ll need plenty of cash to upgrade your gear. How bad is it? You’d have to ask someone else as we gave up on RoboCop long before we hit the dreaded paywall.
RoboCop is a game that hardcore fans may enjoy, but overall it was utterly forgettable and I’m a hardcore RoboCop fan. In a nutshell, the missions are boring and the controls kind of suck – just keeping it real. While the upgrade system is pretty cool and the graphics are sharp, it’s just not enough to hold your interest. The saving grace for the game is that it’s free, so you won’t have to spend a dime to find out if you like the game or if it’s going to bore you to death. Let’s hope the movie is better than the game. RoboCop is free to download on Google Play if you want to give it a shot.