RoboCop first graced his with his metallic presence back in 1987, and with the new RoboCop flick set to come out next month, it’s only natural there’s going to be a video game or two. Glu Mobile gets the honor of bringing the tin man to mobile devices, and today they dropped RoboCop for Android.
robocop game
RoboCop is a cover-based shooter that lets you control Alex Murphy aka RoboCop in a series of training missions. Yes, we said training missions… You’ll have to go up against OmniCorp’s toughest tech, but you’ll have a large arsenal and plenty of upgrades to get you through some of the trickier stages.
robocop android
As for the gameplay, it’s pretty much on the rails aside from the fact you can change cover. You’ll need to frequently in the latter levels as that cover can be shot to shreds if you sit around too long. The shooting is about as simple as it gets, and you’ll get a few Robo powers like scan and drone strikes to help you out if you get in a pinch.robocop
Glu has definitely put out a slick looking game with RoboCop, and it features a lot of characters from the upcoming film. It’s freemium, and I haven’t spent enough time with the game to throw out a verdict yet, but you can expect a full review in a day or two. You can pick up Glu’s RoboCop for free on Google Play.