What do you get when you combine the 16-bit graphics and gameplay of old school SNES RPG’s like the Final Fantasy series with the atmosphere and exploration similar to the Fallout franchise? Well you get Golden Fish Entertainment’s VoltAge. This new KickStarter project has the right ingredients to be an entertaining gaming experience, and with a successful campaign you can expect to see VoltAge on IOS/Android in the near future.

Robot Farmer

VoltAge takes place hundreds of years in the future after a nuclear war has wiped out a third of the world. The land has been taken over by mutated creatures and bandits, leaving citizens to stick close to the cities. “The PKD Virus” has infected all the robots in the world with self-awareness, causing them to rebel. A dockworker named Richard is accused of spreading the virus and is forced to go on the run with his friend Victor and robot butler Jeeves, as they set out to prove his innocence.

The main storyline of VoltAge is divided into five chapters. The first three chapters of the game will feature a different group of characters, while the fourth chapter focuses on taking action and saving the world. The guys at Golden Fish Entertainment are keeping the fifth chapter a secret so you’ll just have to play it to find out. VoltAge features over eleven different playable characters made up of six different races, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. VoltAge also features hundreds of weapons, armour, items, and accessories to aid you on your quest. These items all have some sort of benefit, making not a single item in the game useless. They can boost existing skills or even unlock new ones, absorb damage or even reflect it, and many other helpful perks.

Victor Uses Electro

Aside from the main story of VoltAge, there are a variety of side quests to tackle. There are story quests specific for each character that let you discover more about their pasts and personalities. There are bounty quests where you will have to travel the continents to destroy powerful monsters or take out bandit strongholds. Stumble across crime scenes and help crack the case using evidence, keen observation, and suspect interrogation during the detective quests. Conversations with NPC’s can bring side quests of all sizes, as well as exploring dungeons with their own special story.

Farmer's Market

VoltAge’s KickStarter campaign runs until March 1st 2014 and at the time of writing the guys at Golden Fish Entertainment have received $325 of their $2,500 goal. Backers of the project will receive a variety of rewards based on their pledge amount; including VoltAge launch t-shirts, companion guides, and even be immortalized as an NPC in the game. To find out more about VoltAge or to back the project you can click on the link below.

VoltAge KickStarter