The first of the year is always a little slow for new releases, but we’ve still managed to get a few great new mobile titles over the past couple of weeks. Yesterday Unity’s publishing division dropped its first mobile title for Android and iOS, and it goes by the name of Archangel.

Archangel is a celestial game that put you in control of an Archangel that’s out to stop evil at all costs. It’s a dungeon crawler with top-notch graphics, and a large dose of magical spells that will lay your enemies to waste. The game uses touch-based controls to take out your evil opponents, and you can even resurrect fallen enemies and add them to your holy army.
Archangel offers up over 30 levels of destructive fun, and there are well over 100 different items to collect as you make your way through the dark landscape of the game. There’s even a bit of gambling involved as you’ll be able to wager your loot at the end of each level for a chance to win more — or lose it all depending on how your luck is.
Archangel is the first game Black Tower Studios and the first title published by Unity Technologies. While we haven’t a chance to spend too much time with the game, it’s pretty safe to say they’ve produced a great looking dungeon crawler. It’s grindy, but in a good way, and there’s plenty of equipment and loot to procure. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up Archangel for $4.99 on Android and iOS.

Archangel for Android

Archangel for iOS