Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Hacking games are a good fit in today’s smartphone using society, and while we’ve seen a few great hacking games like Uplink come over to mobiles, there hasn’t been many new titles. Byeline’s Hack Ex is the latest game to try its hand at the hacking genre and after spending some time with Hack Ex it’s time to give you the lowdown…hack ex

Hack Ex is a hacking simulator that lets you simulate hacking into other peoples phones and tablets through some nifty programs and a little technological trickery. You start out with an average device, and your goal is to virtually hack into other players systems, steal their loot, and build up your reputation. You’ll also want to keep your own system on high alert as you can get hacked as well.

The main screen in Hack Ex uses a layout similar to that of your typical smartphone. It gives you access to 8 different sections with Processes, Scan, Bank Account, Store, Contacts, Log, Apps, and My Device. All the sections are important, but you’ll spend most of your time switching between Scan, Processes, and Bank Account.

Whenever you hit scan you’ll pull up a list of hackable devices, and you simply need to tap on one to hack.ex-3start a hack. Hacks take different amounts of time based on the level of the firewall you have to bust through and the level of your Bypasser. Once you get into someone’s system you can download their apps, upload malicious software and get into their bank account. This is where time becomes a factor as you have to wait for software to upload or download, and you also have to wait for cracks and hacks to complete.

The more processes you run, the slower your system will go, and it’s going to take time to build up your bankroll and upgrade your device. You can buy a better Raider which will boost your bypassing and cracking speed or bump up your Network which increases the speed of your uploads and downloads. Both are equally important, and you have to balance your spending wisely as there’s a lot of software to consider.

There are two types of programs in Hack Ex – hacking and defense. If hack exyou want to go on the attack, you’ll want to buy a bypasser and password cracker. Once you get into a system you’ll probably want to invest in spam and spyware so you can leach their money and get to their log file. What comes around goes around, so you’ll also have to drop some cash on a good firewall, password encryptor, and antivirus software.

For the most part, Hack Ex manages to balance things fairly well, but if you get in a hurry you can get ahead with the IAP setup. The premium currency is called “overclocks” and you can use these to speed up downloads, hacks, and other processes. The prices are fair, and you can pick up 200 overclocks for $0.99 and 1100 for $5 bucks. You don’t need them as the processes will run on their own in the background, but you’ll use them as the game is pretty damned addictive.


Hack Ex hasn’t been around for long, but it’s quickly become a game I play daily. I’ve hit a few minor glitches along the way and some areas could stand to be tweaked a bit, but for the most part things have been solid and the game is an absolute blast. There are countless systems to attack, and the fact that you can have your system compromised keeps you on your toes and coming back for more. There’s room for improvement, but there’s also a lot of room for the game to grow and become even better over time. Hack Ex is a game I highly recommend, and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Hack Ex