There were a lot of successful Kickstarter games in 2013, and the site itself had a beastly year. The company released their “Year in Review” feature this week, and they brought in a boatload of cash in 2013. How much is a boatload? About $480 million…

3 million people threw money around on Kickstarter last year, and they managed to top the $320 million raised last year on the crowdfunding platform. Raising $480 million dollars from folks wanting to see their favorite projects come to life is an astonishing feat, and as you’d expect, gaming played a big part in those big numbers.
While Kickstarter doesn’t break down how much was spent in the gaming sector, we put together a Top 5 earners list in September featuring some of the top earners in the gaming section. Those five games alone raised around $13 million dollars last year, and that’s just games. It doesn’t take into account the hardware like the OUYA or Oculus Rift.
Kickstarter projects broke several records last year as more people turned to the popular platform to seek funding for their projects. You can expect more of the same by the time 2014 comes to an end, and we’ll be on hand throughout the year to bring you more great games that made it through Kickstarter.

Via – Kickstarter