Agent 47 has been with gamers for over 10 years, and if today’s news is true it may be a while before we see him again. The next-gen Hitman game was being developed by Square Enix Montreal, and according to the LinkedIn profile of a designer on the project, the game has now been cancelled.

The folks at Videogamer dug up the news through the LinkedIn profile of Richard Knight, the Senior Game Designer behind the upcoming title. According to his profile the “Hitman Project” for Next/Current Gen consoles has been cancelled along with the PC release. We knew a game was in the works, but little else is known about the scrapped title aside from the fact it would have starred Agent 47 and there would have been a lot of killing and sneaking about involved.

While the game hasn’t been officially canned yet, it’s a well-known fact that the studio was beginning to focus more on mobile titles. That said, there is still at least one Hitman games in the works as the studio confirmed that IO had a new AAA Hitman project that was in pre-production. It remains to be seen which studio (IO or SE Montreal) will handle the new project, but it’s nice to know Agent 47 is still lurking around out there somewhere.

Video game characters share an important trait with their Comic Book kin – they don’t die easily. While it’s sad to see a Hitman game go the way of Hitman Tactics (anyone remember that?), you can rest assured it won’t be the last we see of Agent 47.

Via – Videogamer