Telltale Games said they would be releasing The Walking Dead onto Android, and today it became official. Like the creeping zombies from the series, The Walking Dead Season One crawled onto the Amazon App Store, and it’s now available for (some) Android gamers to enjoy.walking dead amazon

The Walking Dead won countless awards since it’s been released and Season 2 just got underway last month. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, The Walking Dead takes players on a journey through Robert Kirkman’s zombie infested world as Lee Everett, a man given a second chance by the zombie plague. Your actions will affect how the story unfolds and just like the show, there are going to be some tough decisions as you progress through the

There are 5 chapters to The Walking Dead Season One, and Amazon’s offering includes the 500 days DLC as well. Before you get too excited the game isn’t free as the App Store listing would leave to you believe, and it’s currently only available for the Kindle Fire HDX. Kindle HDX owners should rush to pick up the first season, and it looks like those without an HDX are unfortunately going to have to wait.walking.dead.seasonone

It’s great to see Telltale’s The Walking Dead finally shuffle onto Android, but disappointing to see they have apparently made a deal with Amazon to have it be an exclusive. The game was released with virtually no fanfare which is a little odd considering the multiple GOTY awards, and we have no idea of when it’s time on Amazon will be up or how much each individual episode costs at this time. If you have a Kindle Fire HDX, you’ll definitely want to give The Walking Dead a look, if not you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer.

The Waking Dead: The Complete First Season (Kindle Fire HDX)