Our overall verdict "Good"

Hothead Games has slowly become king of the sports sim in the mobile world with top-notch titles like Big Win Baseball & Big Win Hockey just to name a few. While they have covered most of the major sports, one notable exception in their catalog was racing. They remedied that situation with the release of Big Win Racing, and after spending a couple of weeks with the game we’re back with a full review.

If you’re unfamiliar with the “Big Win” series of games, Big Win Racing isn’t really a racing game in the traditional sense. You can watch the cars go round and round, but your focus will be your little racing team and car. There are plenty of moving parts to manage, and it’s all starts with a pack of cards…
big win racing
Big Win Racing lets you build your team from scratch and your first pack will provide you with a complete crew including a driver, gas man, jack man, tire carriers and tire changers along some impact cards. As for the car, you upgrade the steering, transmission, tires, and engine so there’s a lot to tinker with as you progress through the game. Bonuses play an important part of building your team as well which come into play when you change sponsors and parts.
big win racing
The cards come in several different types of packs and use the bronze, silver, and gold layout with a platinum tier thrown in for good measure. The pricier packs contain the higher end cards, and there are 9 different packs to choose from. Bronze and Silver packs are the easiest to get as they use coins – all the other tiers use premium currency which can be bought or earned through gameplay. Needless to say, you’re going to drop a lot on packs as you’ll want a top tier and good “Big Impact” cards before every race.
big win racing review
Now for the gameplay. Big Win Racing lets you compete in a multitude of events that you can simulate or spectate. There are head to head matches, championship races, trophy mode and special events. Your bread and butter will be the championship races, but you can win a load of premium currency during the special events. First place in the “Big Jingle” will net you 25,000 Big Bucks and 1,000 coins… that’s around $100 worth of in-game currency.
Big Win Racing is another solid title from Hothead Games, and it’s a game racing fans should enjoy. There are plenty of Big Bucks to go around so busting new packs won’t be an issue, but the energy bar may cramp your style on occasion. If you’re looking for a racing game that puts you behind the wheel, you may want to look elsewhere. If you’re in the market for a time consuming sim Big Win Racing is just the thing for you. You can pick up Big Win Racing for free on Google Play.

Big Win Racing