Our overall verdict "Excellent"
Gameplay/Controls: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 7.5/10
Replay Value/Multiplayer: 9/10
Entertainment: 9/10

yolTo commemorate 30 years since Luigi’s first debut, Nintendo decided to dub 2013 “The Year of Luigi”. During the year we saw many great games with Luigi as the main character or having a large role. To cap off 2013, Nintendo released Dr. Luigi onto the Nintendo eShop. Dr. Luigi is a revamped version of the classic Dr. Mario game we all know and love, only this time its Luigi’s turn to don the lab coat.

 Dr. Luigi features four different game modes to choose from: Retro Remedy, Operation L, Virus Buster, and online battle. Retro Remedy is basically the classic game mode we’ve grown to love from the original Dr. Mario. Luigi tosses the pill capsules of random color configurations while the player must flip them and maneuver them to destroy the pesky viruses. When choosing this mode the player has the option to play classic style or flash. The Flash style features flashing viruses that need to be eliminated to win. Operation L features L shaped pill capsules that add a bit of a difficult twist to the original game mode. Virus Buster is the most unique game mode of Dr. Luigi, mainly because it requires only the use of the game pad. The player must tap and drag the pill capsules with the stylus as they descend down the pill bottle. Lastly there is the online battle mode. Online players can choose to battle friends or strangers on the Nintendo Network in either the Operation L or Retro Remedy game modes. The difficulty as well as the drop speed for the capsules can be adjusted before starting a game, which is useful for beginners or handicapping battles with friends who aren’t as experienced.

Operation L adds a difficult twist

Operation L adds a difficult twist

Graphically there isn’t much to say about Dr. Luigi. There isn’t much to the user interface or pill bottle screen, but everything looks sharp and colorful. The soundtrack features updated versions of all the catchy Dr. Mario tunes, which can be picked by the player prior to starting a game.

Dr. Luigi offers three different options to control the game. The first option is the Wii remote. For the classic feel the player can turn the remote on it’s side like a NES controller and use the D-pad & 2 button to maneuver the pill capsules. The second option is the WiiU pro controller. This option is probably the least preferred since the player only really needs the D-pad and a single button to play. The final and possibly the best option is the game pad. The game pad touch screen comes in handy when battling because it displays only the player’s pill bottle, eliminating the distraction and confusion of having the opponent on your side. Not only is the screen useful but using the buttons and D-pad on the game pad works well for Dr. Luigi.

Head to head battles can be intense

Head to head battles can be intense

 The year of Luigi has been a fun ride. 2013 has produced many entertaining games involving Mario’s trusty sidekick, and Dr. Luigi is no different. Dr. Luigi is a nice twist to a classic Nintendo puzzle game and for just $14.99 on the Nintendo eShop, this game is just what the doctor ordered.

Title: Dr. Luigi

Format: Wii U

Developer & Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: December 31st 2013