There are a slew of sports management sims available, but the MMA has gone unnoticed for the most part. That’s about to change thanks to a new Kickstarter project from Mixed Martial Media and Bruce Buffer. MMA Federation is set to be a mixed martial arts management sim, and it’s one of the first games around where your achievements actually count for something.
mma federation
MMA Federation is a casual mixed martial arts sim that puts a focus on real fighters and the teams they train under. The game lets you create your own MMA fighter and train them under a real team including the likes of Tristar, Team Nog, and American Top Team. As you progress in the game,  you’ll earn new skills and in-game currency for “Real Achievements” which is where things get interesting.
mma federation
The minds behind MMA Federation have teamed up with the best gyms and fighters around to bring players real achievements. By playing the game and earning rewards you get the chance to win real swag like signed MMA gear, real MMA training sessions, and tickets to MMA events around from around the globe. Definitely better than getting bragging rights over a top score. MMA Federation’s Live Feeds will also kick things up a notch as events in real life will affect your fighter in the game.
The MMA Federation Kickstarter just got under way and with 24 days left on the clock they’ve managed to raise around £5,200 of their £100,000 goal. There are plenty of backing tiers to get in on, and there are some very cool rewards at the higher levels. £120/$200 will get you a personalized ringtone from Bruce Buffer along with some swag while £5,000/$8,300 gets you the “Ultimate VIP UFC Weekend Experience” which includes a trip to a live event along with a meet & greet with Bruce Buffer. There are plenty of low to mid-tier rewards as well, so there’s a level for everyone that wants to back the game.
MMA has shown that it’s here to stay, and it’s great to see a quality MMA game finally coming to mobiles. The Live Achievements and Feeds are an interesting approach to take in a sports management sim, and the use of real fighters and teams is a must. Gamers will be able to get access to the Beta in July, and the full version of MMA Federation is expected to drop before the end of 2014 on iOS, Android, and PC/Mac browsers.

MMA Federation