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Number 3

Josh’s Pick



The Last of Us


One of the most anticipated and hyped up games of 2013, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us did not disappoint. The Last of Us was essentially playing an incredibly fun game and watching a blockbuster summer movie all at once. The game was an emotional rollercoaster that tugged at your heartstrings, while constantly keeping you on the edge of your seat.

 Justin’s Pick

brothers_logo_01_smallBrothers: A Tale of Two Sons

(PS3, 360, PC)

You go into Brothers not expecting much.  It’s not part of an established franchise or using existing characters and it doesn’t play like any other game, but play through it and you’ll be amazed.  Controlling two brothers on a simple quest to get medicine for their ailing father takes you through stunning locales and introduces you to really clever two-character gameplay.  Most importantly, however, is that Brothers is a game that makes you feel.  Few other games can tell a story of this emotional depth and is an example that yes, interactive storytelling is a very real and compelling thing.

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