Our overall verdict "Excellent"

What happens when you combine a racing game with Minecraft and throw in some building elements for good measure? You get Blocky Roads from DogByte Games, a surprisingly awesome side-scrolling racing game with a whole lot of charm.

Blocky Roads is the tale of a farmer who loses his farm to terrible tornado. Your job is to help him find parts of the farm through completing races filled with treasure chests and coins. Each time you hit a milestone in a race you’ll get a treasure chest which contains a piece of the farm. The parts vary from trees and pigs to clothing and new cars as the tornado didn’t leave a whole lot behind.
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There are 12 races in all and each has 3 treasure chests spread out along the course. Controlling your car is about as simple as it gets as you only need to hit the gas to go and the break to stop. The challenge lies in keeping your vehicle upright and in one piece as physics comes into play and the tracks are full of hazards like massive hills and lava pits. If you take too much damage (or flip over) you’ll have to restart, and you also have to keep an eye on the gas gauge at all times.
blocky roads
As you speed along the tracks you’ll want to try and snag every coin you come across so you’ll have enough loot to upgrade your vehicles. Each car, truck, and tractor can be upgraded in several different areas, and those upgrades can make an immediate impact on the course. That said, you’ll have to spend coins on multiple vehicles and any custom cars you build so you’ll want to spend them wisely.
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Blocky Roads offers up 9 different vehicles to go along with one spot for a customized ride. Designing your blocky vehicle is easy, and all your old rides can painted as well. I’m not sure how many outfits there are yet, but there seem to be quite a few as I’ve unlocked several different pieces for men and women and am only a little over halfway through the game. Needless to say, you’ll get plenty of play time out of Block Roads.
Blocky Roads isn’t a game about speed or going up against your buddies online in action packed races. It’s a simple game that’s all about making it to the finish line which is much trickier than you’d think. The physics are spot-on, and keeping your favorite vehicle upright becomes challenging as the game progresses. The voxel graphics coupled with gameplay make Blocky Roads a game you won’t want to miss, and it’s a great game for people of all ages. Blocky Roads lets you try the first 3 tracks for free, and it’s $1.99 if you want to unlock the full version of the game.

Blocky Roads