Kairosoft has been fairly quiet on the mobile front lately with their last release coming a little over a month ago in the form of Pocket Stables for iOS. The company is known for releasing Japanese versions of games on Google Play a few months before the English versions arrive, and we’ve seen two new Japanese sims released this month. Are you ready to manage pirates and run a newspaper?

First up we’ve got a pirate themed game that roughly translates to “Great Pirate Quest.” It’s safe to assume you’ll sail the high seas and play pirate in true Kairosoft fashion. Hopefully that will involve lots of battles, trading, and looting of course. You can’t tell much from the garbled translated description, but the game looks like it’ll be a blast.
The second Japanese title was just released today, and journalistic sim of sorts. The translated description describes the game as “Town Magazine’s Editorial simulation game of a dream!” which we assume means you’ll get to run a magazine or newspaper. There’s mention of a mayor, businesses, and shops, but that’s all we’ve managed to glean from this one aside from the office environment shown in the screens.  Probably like Game Dev Story, but with a magazine theme.
It’s always interesting to see what Kairosoft has up their sleeves next, and it’s usually something fun. They have a lot of hits and very few misses – you also never know what they’re going to put out next. As cool as the new games look, keep in mind it could be weeks or months before we see English translations of the games if we see them at all. If you want to check out the Japanese versions, you can pick them up on Google Play.

Grand Pirate Quest

Town Magazine’s Editorial Sim