The holidays are a great time to get your game on, and the Humble Bundle 8 dropped several great games when it was released last week. Today they unveiled the three new games for people that pay over the minimum, and one of those games is making its Android debut.

The Humble Bundle 8 is one of the better bundles we’ve seen lately as it combined Little Inferno, Gemini Rue, Jack Lumber, and AaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome into a bundle of time wasting madness. If gamers paid over the minimum they got Hero Academy and Anomaly 2, and you can now add three more games to that list with Solar 2, Bad Hotel, and The Bard’s Tale.
humble bundle
The Bard’s Tale is a classic a lot of folks have probably heard of or played, and Solar 2 is a killer solar system simulator that can keep you mesmerized for ages. Tearing the universe apart with a black hole is an absolute blast. Bad Hotel is a highly regarded game that mad a big splash on iOS last year, and is coming to Android for the first time. Great game with a very cool style.
All the bundle games are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android if you’re interested in any of the titles and want to game out. The minimum price is also very low right now at only $4.25. There are a little over 6 days left in the Humble Bundle 8, and you can hit up the link below if you’re ready to get your game on.

Humble Bundle 8