I’m a sucker for a good simulation game, and if it’s a sports sim… it’s an instant buy. Finding good sports sims on the mobile is no easy task, especially if you’re rocking an Android device. Last year InczeTigate got gamers attention with DM13, and earlier this month they released the sequel dubbed Basketball Dynasty Manager 14 or DM14 for short. What a difference a year makes…
basketball dynasty manager 14
Basketball Dynasty Manager 14 lets you own and operate your own NBA team from the ground up. This means you’ll have to take on all the responsibilities of a GM, coach, and owner which is no easy feat. You can sign players or try and pull off a trade for a superstar, cash or a draft pick. You’re also tasked with handling the books so you’ll have to decide where to spend income earned from ticket sales and merchandise. Should you invest in more Lebron Leroy James jerseys or add a few more seats to the arena? The choice is yours.
dm14 basketball manager
Scouting plays an important role in Basketball Dynasty Manager 14 as well, and you can scout players from almost any country on earth. You have to balance your scouting resources wisely though as some players are easier to dig up info on than others. Throw in stat tracking, awards, and upgrades and you’ve got yourself a hell of a game. Did we mention that you have the option to coach or simulate each game?
basketball dynasty manager 14
DM13 was hands down the best mobile basketball sim around, and Basketball Dynasty Manager 14 is a big improvement on last year’s product. The game has received a major makeover in the looks and gameplay department, and there’s plenty to keep you busy for ages. Needless to say, building (and keeping) a team full of superstars won’t be nearly as easy this time around, but it will be a lot of fun. If you want to give it a whirl, you can pick up Basketball Dynasty Manager 14 for $0.99 on Android or iOS.

DM 14 for Android

DM 14 for iOS