Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Colossal means very great or large, and anytime someone throws the world “tron” in there, you know something futuristic is coming. Meet Colossatron, the biggest menace to mankind since Godzilla. It’s robotic, monstrous, and it is definitely a Massive World Threat…colassatron android

Robots are a popular staple in video games, and Colossatron lets you manage a giant mechanical snake that’s hell bent on destroying the world. Why does Colossatron hate mankind? We have no idea, but annihilating the human race won’t be easy as you’ll have to destroy a lot of cities and get through General Moustache’s defenses if you want to end the world.colossatron

Colossatron is an interesting game for several reasons, the first of which is the fact that you don’t actually control the giant snake. When a stage starts Colossatron lands in the middle of a city and automatically starts tearing up anything in its path. Your job is to snag any colored Powercores you see floating around and pop them onto Colossatron. It’s basically like a match-3 game, and each colored Powercore has a different function. Match three like colored cores and they’ll combine into a super core of sorts, and you can even combine cores for new colors and abilities.colossatron review

Once Colossatron splashes down, the madness begins, and by the end of the stage your screen is going to be extremely busy. In addition to snagging Powercores, you’ll want to keep an eye out for any Prisms and power-ups you come across as well as the occasional mystery target that appears the screen. While you can’t control the behemoth (except for special attacks), you do get an interesting perspective on the action thanks to ongoing news coverage from Katie Hazard and Rick Dalton. The newsy approach is a nice touch, and there’s a lot of humor sprinkled throughout the game.colossatron-3

The stages can be quite lengthy at times depending on their goal, and Colossatron can become pretty damned huge and difficult to manage. This makes popping Powercores into place tricky, luckily there are a few gadgets to help you out with that. As you level each locations Capital city, you get the option to unlock a new gadget for your mechanical beast. These can be added firepower, better armor, or things like the super smash attack. You can change gadgets at any time, but it will set you back some Prisms which are the games form of premium currency. You can also visit the Armory to upgrade Colossatron, and you get a few more upgrade/power-up options right before the battle starts.colossatron

There are 7 locations to take on in Colossatron, and each continent has three 4 stages bringing the total to 28 levels of smash & match madness. There are plenty of boss fights thrown in as well, and you can take on survival challenges against your friends or foes once you’ve completed a location. There’s plenty to do, and it’s a tough little game as once your beast is destroyed you can continue (for a price) or go back to the beginning of the location.colossatron-8


Halfbrick Studios has consistently churned out awesome games, and you can add another one to that list with Colossatron. I wasn’t sure what to make of the game at first as you expect to be able to control the snake and it’s a bit of a surprise that it’s on autopilot. Taking control away from the players is a risk, but it paid off as I’ve spent a lot of time demolishing cities and have had a blast doing it.

The amount of action on the screen in the latter levels is intense, and the style of the game along with the voice acting is a treat. The only knock on the game is with the IAP’s as Colossatron is a paid game, and there is a clear focus on IAP’s for players wanting to get ahead. It’s not terrible by any means, but it’s there and a little annoying. Overall Colossatron is a great little mechanical monster matching game that is well worth a buy if you dig heavy carnage, and it’ll only set you back $0.99 on Google Play.